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Another sasuke pic

2008-05-27 18:49:59 by lin001

another cool one and i know what your thinking for some of you "Why does this guy like this stuff so much?" well im not one odf those crazy addicts where the only thing they can talk about is that, but im into A lot of other things to i just like this when it comes to posting on the internet.... by the way sasuke killed itachi in the latest japanese manga!!! YAY

Another sasuke pic


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2008-05-28 02:16:54

This is 'Newgrounds', not 'Narutogrounds' GTFO

lin001 responds:

""This is 'Newgrounds', not 'Narutogrounds' GTFO""
dont tell me what to do its my profile isnt it besides what do you have against naruto its just a small hobby