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stop it

2008-05-28 03:05:07 by lin001

you know its kinda lame to look at someones profile and supposedly "waste your time" :P
just to critizize the fact i like naruto, in fact it is kinda pissing me off like i told you mf's it is just a hobby and its just a thing for the internet (yes i do collect cards but as a SMALL hobby) so all you critizizing mf's get of my profile and if you really have a problem with things like """"This is 'Newgrounds', not 'Narutogrounds' GTFO"""" then get a life not waste your time ticking me off



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2008-05-28 03:17:21

Eh, just delete their comments and ban them from your profile. :\


2008-05-28 03:55:23

His wings are soo ugly, i prefer Shikamaru and his shadow with a mind of it's own.